As the World Turns Always in Our Hearts

We're fans of As the World Turns that are sorry that the show has come to an end but we will keep it alive in our hearts with wonderful memories.

Many of the actors have started to move onto other projects. Our goal is to keep you updated on where you can see them and support them in their new ventures. We wish them all well as they go forward.

We say good night to Oakdale but definitely not goodbye.

Our New Mission

Sadly no new home was ever found for As the World Turns. However we will always treasure the wonderful memories in our hearts and keep the World Turning Forever.

Many of the actors we came to love have moved onto the next phase of their careers. So our next mission will be to keep you up to date on where they are now and what they are doing. Many have been busy already and we'll work to update you on that as well as keeping you up to date on where you can see them next!

We also look forward to discussing some of our favorite As the World Turns memories with you!

If you have any additional information we've missed or suggestions for the blog, please contact us.

Jon Lindstrom in “Welcome: This Is a Neighborhood Watch Community,”

Welcome: This is a Neighborhood Watch Community  explores the conflict between the power of money and the power of ideas: The Long Island private school that Justin Campbell attends has hired an esteemed English teacher with a famous literary last name. This teacher, who holds very opposite views from Justin's father, quickly becomes Justin's mentor, much to the father’s consternation. This family drama, set in the affluent Montauk community, centers on the power struggle between these two role models, Justin's father, a hedge fund manager with financial power and influence, and Justin's mentor, a man with powerful ideals, and the impact this struggle has on the family and the developing 16 year old that lies between them. Innovative promenade staging brings the audience into the Campbell home and puts theatergoers at the center of the action.

From The New York Times:

The entire cast does a nice job. Ann Guilian is Harris’s wife, Lorraine, who teaches yoga to convince herself she’s not rich and superficial; Rachel Ann Jones is Leila Stanton, Lorraine’s pal, who always heads straight for the bar; Jon Lindstrom is particularly convincing as Warren Stanton, Leila’s confident, take-charge husband, who has some unfortunate ideas about how to keep an eye on your children; and Justin’s little sister, Abigail, is played by Willa DeRose, a fine little actress who is just plain adorable.

“Welcome: This Is a Neighborhood Watch Community,” by Howard Meyer, is at St. John’s Episcopal Church, 8 Sunnyside Avenue, Pleasantville, through Nov. 21. Information: (914) 286-7680 or

Read the entire review from The New York Times.

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