As the World Turns Always in Our Hearts

We're fans of As the World Turns that are sorry that the show has come to an end but we will keep it alive in our hearts with wonderful memories.

Many of the actors have started to move onto other projects. Our goal is to keep you updated on where you can see them and support them in their new ventures. We wish them all well as they go forward.

We say good night to Oakdale but definitely not goodbye.

Our New Mission

Sadly no new home was ever found for As the World Turns. However we will always treasure the wonderful memories in our hearts and keep the World Turning Forever.

Many of the actors we came to love have moved onto the next phase of their careers. So our next mission will be to keep you up to date on where they are now and what they are doing. Many have been busy already and we'll work to update you on that as well as keeping you up to date on where you can see them next!

We also look forward to discussing some of our favorite As the World Turns memories with you!

If you have any additional information we've missed or suggestions for the blog, please contact us.

Send Soap Wrappers to SAVE OUR SOAP CAMPAIGN!

Important Update:

The target date has passed but please feel free to continue to send in the postcard or wrappers only.  Let them know we support them so please support us!

Some fans on the SOS GL/ATWT campaign have been sending soap to CBSOne person says she got a visit from the FBI asking why she was doing this and asked to stop as it worried CBS that it was anthrax.  Some people were concerned about this so we have an alternate option.

Please send just the wrapper.  Carefully take the wrapper off the bar of soap and you can wipe off any residue.  Then mail that along with a card so they know why you are sending this.  You could actually do this with multiple soap type of products from Procter & Gamble and at the same time still use the product yourself.  You can also cut labels out.  The important thing is to let them know that we use their soap, so please save our SOAP!  Please don't threaten not to use their products but rather show them we support them so please support our effort and find a new home for As the World Turns.  Feel free to send  labels instead of a bar of soap which should alleviate the security concern.  The main thing is they receive lots and lots so they know we want them to try even harder to find a new home for ATWT.

The Debut Of A View Of The World!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010 10:09 PM  Written by Karen Riel - Soap Opera Source

Let's make sure those voice are heard.  We need to speak out, collectively and often, to any and all possible homes for ATWT.   As fans, we must prove not only do we watch, but we will continue to watch.  That the investment any new outlet makes in our World will pay big dividends to that new network.

And one doesn't have to be a watcher of As the World Turns to support the effort to save the show.  Fans of any daytime soap need to take heed. Soaps as a whole are in trouble. The domino effect started with the cancellation of Guiding Light and is continuing now with As the World Turns.  As one falls, all the others find themselves weakened.    So no matter which show is your favorite, a united front is now very much needed.

Read the entire article

Our Current Campaign Strategy

Please write!  We backed off for the holidays but we must intensify our efforts NOW!  They are still working on some options even if it is a long shot.  Please don't give up!  Keep writing!

So many ideas are floating around, and especially with the holidays we know time is at a premium, so we want to stay focused so we can have the most impact. It needs to be a concentrated effort.  So to help right now, please send postcards to the following:

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